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The story of one woman's struggle to be the top executive of the oldest profession in the biggest city. In the city that never sleeps, Kathleen Oakmont is considered the gate-keeper to it's darkest desires. A Madam by trade, she runs the most successful and luxurious brothel in Manhattan. A trusted confidant of her clients, Madam Kat, knows how to run a good business. She's ruthless, loyal, and is the keeper of many secrets for her high ranking clientele.

It's not until an upcoming election to make prostitution legal, stirs up Kathleen's structure, that makes her worry for her security. Times are changing and everyone is coming out of the woodwork for this new idea, including Kathleen's rival, Georgie Dean, who threatens to turn her business into a meat factory.

Luckily, Madam Kat's top client, Congressman Brian Figarello, is here to provide the inside tips and deep pockets. All the characters come out to play, sides are swapped, and needs are satiated, as the underbelly of New York is shown to be it's strongest asset in this dark comedy.


Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Thomas Kohut- Writers Jordan Elizabeth Gelber- Director

Gary Malick-DP, Editors; Mike Sizzel, Andy Kumpon

Eve Austin, Christine Verleny- Producers

Cast; Eve Austin ,Christine Verleny, Anthony Grasso, David Hilfstein, Jeanine Bartel, Beau Allen, Amye Lewis, Shauna Pinkett, Mathew Ryan Wilson, Annette Guarassi, Stephanie Ellen Almeida, Carol Jacobanis


Recent Recognitions...

Best Supporting Actor - David Hilfstein

Best Concept Nominations